The Maritime Advocate - making maritime law more accessible

WELCOME to the Maritime Advocate. We hope you enjoy it. It is a website for the providers of maritime dispute resolution services, and for the people who use those services. There is also, we hope, something to appeal to everybody who has an interest in modern, commercial shipping.

Launching a new website can be a fraught business. Optimism and hard work were the main ingredients which went into producing this inaugural issue, but reader support will be the only true test of the website’s longevity. We are happy to leave that decision in your hands.

The Maritime Advocate is not a vanity website. We like unglamorous people just as much as we like glamorous ones. Pomade carries no weight in our editorial offices. Nor is this a heavyweight legal journal. You won’t find any footnotes. We leave such matters to other, more worthy publications. We have tried to produce a website which is informative, practical and entertaining. And we are relying on you to tell us whether we have achieved that.

Shipping is a truly international industry, as are the support industries which serve it. London and New York are currently the pre-emininent centres for maritime dispute resolution services, but there are many other centres of expertise throughout the world which are quickly growing in expertise, experience and ambition. The Maritime Advocate will reflect that in its pages, with regular coverage from around the world.

We would like to thank all those contributors who have provided either copy or inspiration for this first issue. You will see that our round-up of law cases and arbitrations in Issue One is dominated by London and New York respectively. But there are items also from Japan and Dubai, and we have been promised more from dispute resolution centres around the world for future issues.

We invite law firms and arbitrators everywhere to send us details of their cases and awards. We will treat them carefully, and disseminate them to a wider audience. We are relying on your input to make the website a success.